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Divorce – A Child’s Story

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Divorce – a child’s story that will fill your heart!

I was too young to remember when my parents separated and mom and I moved in with my grandparents. When I was a little older I remember seeing my dad every other weekend and sometimes during the week. At some point, this man named Wayne came into my mother’s life. I didn’t think anything of it. Wayne was fun and made my mom laugh and he was always nice to me. He had the whitest hair I had ever seen and drove a fancy car. Dad and mom weren’t getting back together because mom liked this guy with the really white hair.

Well, this guy with a really white hair and a fancy car would soon become my step-dad. I remember their wedding. It took place in the church I had grown up in. My mom wore a short blue dress with a matching hat and handbag. I sat with my grandparents and realized I now had another father, not one to replace my dad but one to help guide me.

Mom wasn’t the only one who remarried. Soon dad met someone and it wasn’t long after that they married and were expecting their first child. Over the years they would have three lovely girls and I was no longer an only child.

Why am I writing this? Because mom and dad’s divorce was a blessing. I was young, so of course I don’t remember a lot of it. I’m sure they fought but they were both really young. They weren’t happy, and so they moved on.

That was 50 years ago and I still hear that divorce is a bad thing, even in today’s advanced society. I hear, “people give up too easily”, “it’s too easy to just walk away”…. Maybe mom and dad did give up eventually, but I know they tried.

And my parents never made me feel like the divorce was my fault. In fact, they did their best to make sure I still had each of them.

Today, I thank my parents for their divorce. It taught me that it is okay to follow your heart. Because of their divorce they were both able to find their true loves. It also taught me what true love is, and sometimes love means you have to start over. It taught me that it’s okay to quit. It’s let me take chances and learn unconditional love.

I was blessed to have a step-mother and step-father who loved me like their own. My step-dad especially guided me through my life. When they were disappointed in me they let me know. When they were proud their emotions showed no bounds. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my step-parents.
So you see, divorce, which is painful and life changing, can be a good thing as well.

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