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Child support in New Mexico – making and modifying agreements, resolving disputes – part 1

Determining and modifying child support agreements in New Mexico

There are many issues that cause dispute in divorce cases – spousal support, child custody and support, allocation of property, and the list goes on. However, child support tends to be high on the list of priorities when children are involved in divorce cases. Determining and modifying child support mixes kids and money – two things people tend to feel a lot of stress about, especially when it comes to their child’s future. Because of this, support agreements too often turn into a source of immense dispute. In this series we’ll look at how child support is established and modified in New Mexico, including some techniques for resolving these issues with as little dispute as possible.

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How are child support agreements made in New Mexico?

At the most basic level, there are two ways that these agreements are made in New Mexico: either both parents agree to the support agreement, or the court imposes it.

In some cases, it might be possible for both parents to agree on the terms of support on their own, without any outside help. However, in the majority of cases, the divorcing couple needs some kind of intervention to come to an agreement. That’s where Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) comes in. Divorcing couples can negotiate the terms of support, along with the rest of the terms of their divorce, in divorce mediation or through the collaborative divorce process. Once they’ve decided upon terms that they can both agree to, their agreement will be reviewed by the courts for fairness. If it is found to be reasonable and fair, it will be approved and incorporated into the terms of the divorce.

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