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Child Support in New Mexico

What is the best way to ensure child support goes smoothly in New Mexico?

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The majority of parents want to provide as much as possible for their children. New Mexico law even imposes a duty on parents to honor that commitment. Unfortunately, financial setbacks and resentments over a divorce can cause child support payments to be late or less than what was agreed upon. Below are a few tips to ensure child support goes smoothly.

Paying by check.

It is critical that child support payments can be traced so that the paying spouse gets credit for the monies paid out. It is very easy to have a payment disputed by the receiving spouse when there is no documentation to support the payment. If the supporting spouse does chose to pay via cash or money order, he or she should get a receipt signed by both parties, showing the amount and the date it was received.

Make payments on time.

When money is tight, making a child support payment on time can be a burden. But remember, you are probably not the only one in this boat. The spouse receiving the child support is normally counting on that money to help with rent or other child related expenses. Paying on time not only benefits the children by making sure they have a home and food, but it will stop any additional conflict between you and your ex. Though more importantly, failure to pay on time can lead to court hearings, jail time and extra expenses.

Consider withholding wages.

This enables child support to be deducted from the supporting spouse’s paycheck. The child support can then be paid directly to the receiving parent. Having wages withheld can be very beneficial for both parties.

It ensures that the support payment is made on time and constructs indisputable records of all child support payments. The withholding can be spread out over the month’s earnings which can help the paying spouse budget adequately.

Keep financial status updated.

Once a year either parent can request updated financial records. This will help determine if either parent needs to have child support payments modified.

Filing for child support modification.

Any time there has been a substantial change in circumstances, such as the amount of time one parent spends with the children or a large decrease or increase of income, either parent can request the child support agreement be modified. This request for modification must go through the courts or a family lawyer. To not follow the correct process could lead to severe consequences regardless of the reasons.

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