Collaborative Divorce Law

Divorce litigation is rightly infamous for both its expense and its delays.

Now there is an alternative in New Mexico: collaborative divorce. Designed to help divorcing couples avoid the challenges, expense and frustrations of divorce litigation, a collaborative divorce can help them reach lasting solutions with integrity and civility.

I am attorney PJ Hartman, founder of the law office of PJ Hartman, Attorney at Law, in Albuquerque. I am a certified family law specialist* and offer clients the benefit of more than 15 years of experience in the collaborative divorce process. If you are considering filing for divorce, or are looking for a new lawyer, I can help you determine if this is the best approach for you and your spouse to negotiate a divorce.

Is This The Right Fit For Me?

A collaborative divorce involves meetings between spouses and their attorneys outside of court. In these meetings, you and your spouse can work with your attorneys and neutral specialists like financial experts, child custody experts and other team members to resolve your issues. This can range from custody to alimony to property division to child support.

Collaborative divorce has many advantages over litigation, including:

  • Faster, because the process isn’t reliant on court schedules
  • Less expensive, because resolutions are reached more creatively and efficiently and without unnecessary court hearings
  • Less contentious, because it involves attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals who are trained in collaborative divorce and are experienced in resolving issues creatively
  • More empowering, because you and your spouse remain in control of the process and judges don’t have final say over your property and family

I am a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the New Mexico Collaborative Practice Group and a co-founder of the Southwest Collaborative Divorce Law Group.

A collaborative divorce may not be right for everyone.

The more couples learn about it, however, the more attractive of an option it becomes for many who want to get through a divorce without bitterness and pain. Clients whom I have worked with over the years have invariably been satisfied with both the collaborative law process and with their results. If you and your spouse can maintain a commitment to working together on a plan that meets your needs, collaborative divorce is probably the best solution.

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*Certified by the New Mexico State Bar Board of Legal Specialization