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Collaborative Lawyer Albuquerque

Collaborative Lawyer Albuquerque

What is a Collaborative Lawyer?

A collaborative lawyer in Albuquerque can help a divorcing couple peacefully part ways without involving the Courts. When a couple wishes to end their marriage, it is beneficial to both parties to avoid further angst through a contemptuous litigation process. Such a process can be time-consuming, expensive, stressful, and often yields unsatisfactory results. An alternative to litigation is to work through the divorce process utilizing the collaborative divorce model.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

When it comes to a collaborative approach, both you and your spouse will hire a separate collaborative-trained attorney. The parties, their lawyers, and any necessary neutral “experts” make up the collaborative “team”. Your personal collaborative lawyer is your advocate and will guide you through the divorce process through a negotiation process that is rooted in “civility and integrity”. Through the collaborative process, each issue is considered along with various settlement options. Additionally, your collaborative attorneys agree to disclose to the entire team, all information regarding the parties’ financial situation and matters pertaining to parenting and other divorce issues. In doing so, the parties avoid the expense of formal “discovery”, and there is no “hiding the ball”. Both parties also sign a “No Litigation Agreement”, which is essentially a commitment from both parties to work together to ultimately reach an agreement of their own design, which both can accept and comfortably live with.

What is a Collaborative Lawyer?

A collaborative divorce lawyer receives special training to navigate a divorce that contrasts from tradition methods that are contentious and negative.  The collaborative lawyers are trained to bring out the best character traits in their clients to reach a positive resolution that can result in a more constructive and healthy post-divorce status for both parties.    The collaborative lawyer has the same responsibility to their client as a litigation lawyer, which is to inform you (the client) of your legal rights and to assist you in identifying various possible solutions.  Additionally, a collaborate attorney will be your negotiating partner throughout the divorce process.  The goal of an Albuquerque collaborative attorney is to help you approach the case in a solution-oriented manner instead of seeking an “all or nothing result”.  The collaborative process allows the parties to be creative in reaching agreements that may not occur in a traditional court-directed divorce.

Mediator v. Collaborative Attorney

The terminology of “collaborative attorney” is often confused with the concept of a Mediator.  However, there are a few differences between collaborative lawyers and mediators that you should be aware of. In a mediation, there is one mediator that assists the parties in communicating in ways that will promote resolution of the issues.  However, in a collaborative divorce, each party has their own collaborative-trained lawyer, who will advocate for their client and also for a mutually positive, equitable result that  both parties create and  that is satisfactory to both parties.

What is a Collaborative Lawyer’s Role?

A collaborative attorney is responsible for a wide range of tasks involving working with both parties of a divorce to settle on the distribution of assets without ligation.

These include:

  • Promoting mutual respect and civil behavior;
  • Developing effective negotiation and communication skills;
  • Helping you identify your interests;
  • Maximizing both of your interests;
  • Advising you about your legal issues;
  • Empowering you to negotiate;
  • Identifying the issues and concerns of all parties; and,
  • Promoting a healthy post-divorce mindset and relationship with your ex


Contact the Experienced Collaborative Lawyer Albuquerque Trusts

If you have questions regarding collaborative lawyers in Albuquerque, contact the office of PJ Hartman.  You will find a dedicated collaborative lawyer who will advocate for your best interests.  To schedule a consultation, call (505) 247-3335.

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