Divorce Dispute Mediation Can Help You

Divorce Dispute Mediation is a Powerful Way to Resolve Disputes


While many people have a general understanding of litigation, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, questions usually remain as people approach the actual beginning of their divorce.

Mediation is a form of negotiation in which a mediator facilitates communication between parties in an effort to help couples compromise and reach agreements.

When successful, divorce dispute mediation can:

  • Hasten resolution in comparison to litigation.
  • Keep power in the hands of the parties of the divorcing couple, because each can choose whether to accept offers made by the other party.
  • Usually save parties money by avoiding unexpected and unavoidable litigation expenses.

Mediation is most effective when disputes are relatively simple, issues are relatively few, and the parties have already successfully resolved some disagreements and are able to communicate with each other.

My Law Firm’s Motto: Resolutions With Integrity And Civility

If you face an uncontested divorce and have questions regarding New Mexico divorce mediation, consider the law office of PJ Hartman, Attorney at Law, in Albuquerque. As a certified family law specialist,* I take a responsible approach to resolving divorce disputes, whether through collaborative law, litigation or mediation. I believe in facilitating compromise and communication. The benefit is you get a result that is less expensive with less delay and less anger, stress and frustration.

As a trained mediator, my role is that of a neutral moderator, hired by both parties to help resolve disputes. Through mediation two parties can work together to determine resolution of most divorce issues, thereby keeping the process out of the courtroom. You can work together to determine the conditions of any settlements reached and keep your dispute resolution process fully out of the hands of a judge

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*Certified by the New Mexico State Bar Board of Legal Specialization