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The truth of divorce mediation – advantages, disadvantages, how it works and who it can help the most, part 7

This post is the seventh in a multi part series on divorce mediation, its advantages and disadvantages, how it works, and who it’s best suited for. If you haven’t read parts 1-6 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

What makes a divorce case a good fit for mediation? (continued)

Are the divorcing parties in agreement that mediation is the right option? It’s better if both parties recognize the benefits of divorce mediation, and what the consequences will be if they have to abandon mediation and pursue litigation. That way they will be more invested in and committed to the mediation process.

divorce mediation 4

Can the divorcing parties commit to full transparency in the mediation process? Mediation requires transparency. If your spouse has a history of attempting to hide assets, mediation might not be a good choice. Likewise, if one spouse is simply unwilling to disclose information relevant to the divorce, litigation will likely be the only way to force them to do so.

Is there a history of domestic violence or abuse in your marriage? If so, then divorce mediation is almost certainly not an option. Abusers tend to hold power over their victims that makes the level playing field for mediation essentially out of the question. Furthermore, the only answer for abuse is immediate, decisive action that only litigation can bring. Some jurisdictions that have mandatory mediation even exempt survivors of domestic violence from having to go through the process.

Are one or both spouses attempting to “stick it” to the other in the divorce? It’s common for people going through divorce to want to punish their former partner for perceived wrongs. Divorce mediation and revenge don’t mix.

Choose a skilled mediator

If you think divorce mediation is a good option for you, then the next step is to find the right mediator. It’s important to find someone with the right skills and experience, otherwise your divorce mediation might be doomed before it even begins.

PJ Hartman has over 15 years of experience resolving family law disputes. In mediation she creates an environment where both parties can come together and focus on finding solutions that are in their family’s best interests.

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