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Divorce and Social Media

Think twice before you post

In our modern, social media saturated society, people are comfortable broadcasting their personal lives to a wide audience. However, when going through a divorce, over sharing can be a perilous decision. Here are some things you might want to think about before hitting the post button when you’re working through a divorce.

Be aware of your social media use during divorceWill this escalate conflict in your divorce?

All too often it seems people post things on social media they wouldn’t say to someone face to face. It’s worth taking some time to evaluate if the benefit or posting something justifies the fallout it may cause. You might even think about unplugging for awhile, and revisiting the post after a few hours. This can give you some perspective, and will help prevent you posting something in anger that you come to regret later. Chances are any angry or aggressive posts on social media will not benefit you, and will make an already difficult process harder on everyone involved.

Could your ex use this post against you in any way?

Just because you’ve unfriended your spouse and their friends doesn’t mean that what you post won’t end up being used as evidence against you. Once something is online, there is often no taking it back. Another user may save a post before you delete it, or recover it later via an internet archive service. You probably know what kinds of things you shouldn’t post on social media. It’s difficult to argue financial hardship if your Instagram feed is full of pictures of pricey vacations or recent purchases. Likewise, it can be damaging to your claim of being a responsible parent there is evidence of heavy drinking on your social media accounts. Before you post, consider how this content might make you look in a worst-case situation.

Be wary of divorce advice on social media

Not that your friends aren’t trustworthy, but they may base their advice on anecdotal evidence rather than any kind of sound legal basis. Just because something happened in their case doesn’t mean it’s going to in yours.

Just because social media can be damaging during a divorce doesn’t mean it has to be. Instead of posting disparaging remarks about your ex or potentially incriminating yourself, why not use social media to reconnect with old friends, or make new ones. You’ll save yourself some stress, and maybe help the healing process.