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Divorce in Today’s Technology

Family Law Attorney PJ Hartmann talks about divorce and technology

Today’s technology has changed the way we communicate with family and friends, do business and share our social lives. It’s has also changed the age of divorce.

Couples today filing for divorce face two major technical pitfalls: social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and better than ever high-tech spy gear for cell phones- both are now easier than ever to get your hands on for use and misuse.

If you use social media be cognizant of what you are posting and why. Family lawyers might think it is a great gift from above when the client’s accused spouse lets the cat out of the bag on social media but they hate it when their own client drops a smoking gun in the lap of their opponents.

Even the most educated, sophisticated person can become like a scorned teenager when faced with a cheating spouse. Your safest bet is to stop using social media all together. Change your privacy settings and enable others from being able to tag you in photos and events.

Think twice before you become a super sleuth. Most of the spy gear you can purchase online is illegal to use – even on your spouse. If you are caught, you could be charged with invasion of privacy.

Some other temptations that may arise.

Is it alright to read my spouse’s emails?

Can I install a hidden camera in the living room or bedroom?

Can I download a GPS tracking device for the car?

Depending on the circumstance it may be legal or it may be illegal. Technology changes so fast these days and so does the law. What was considered permissible today may be a misdemeanor tomorrow. Your best advice would be to consult with a lawyer before setting up any high-tech spy gear.

There can also be benefits to today’s technology for divorcing couples as well. FaceTime and Skype can aide non-custodial parents by letting them stay in touch with their children between visits. A nightly “goodnight and sweet dreams” can ease a child’s confusion and sadness over why daddy or mommy is no longer around to tuck them in.

Technology, like most things, can be used for good as well as for bad. Think twice before making any social media status updates or installing high-tech snooping gear. Going through a divorce is hard enough, you still want to reach a resolution with integrity and civility. That means working with a divorce attorney who can provide you with options that work for your family and keep your long-term goals in mind.

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