Divorce in New Mexico

Going through a divorce is hard, but you still want to reach a resolution with integrity and civility.

That means working with an attorney who can provide you with options that work for your family and keep your long-term goals in mind.

Whether you are involved in a contested  or an uncontested divorce, I will lend you a compassionate ear. I will work directly with you throughout your entire process to help you see the big picture and look forward to where your life is going. Taking a hard look at the realities you face today, I will guide you through the  law process so you can get there.

Learn about divorce in New Mexico in this video:

Is Traditional Divorce A Better Fit?

I never forget, however, that every family is different, and that is why I help parties through the traditional divorce process as well. I will help you see where you will be financially and help you prepare for the future to determine the best way to proceed with your case. As a certified family law specialist, I will utilize all of our experience and resources to assist you in gaining the outcome you desire. I am very familiar with the New Mexico state judicial system as it relates to New Mexico family court system, and will use all the tools available to advocate for you.

A Special Focus On Couples Who Can Work Together

One option to avoid litigation is through the collaborative divorce process, in which you, your spouse, your lawyers and a team of experts work together on a plan that addresses all the details of your process.

Many couples will benefit from the collaborative divorce process.

Another powerful option is to use mediation.

It allows parties to move on their own terms and fosters a more positive environment for the children involved.

This often lessens acrimony and gives you more control of the process. It gives you a platform to build upon establishing positive family relationships after divorce.

Whether you decide to pursue a traditional/contested divorce, or you want to attempt to resolve your divorce issues through a collaborative  process, my primary goal will be to protect your rights. I will explain various options for avoiding contested litigation in New Mexico. No matter which legal process best suits your needs, you still want an experienced advocate for your rights. Find out what option is right for you. Contact my office in Albuquerque by calling 505-247-3335.