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Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney Albuquerque

An experienced family law attorney can handle legal matters dealing with marriage and family.  When going through a divorce, the parties must address some of the most emotionally-charged issues that will ultimately affect the dynamics of future family relationships and your financial status for years to come.

It is essential (both or your emotional and economic well-being) to work with an objective professional family law attorney that has your economic interests and your well-being in mind; who will also do what is in the best interest of your children.  Whether you are anticipating a simple, amicable divorce or a complex separation (with or without children), as well as significant assets (such as property) and debts to divide, a qualified lawyer specializing in family law matters can help you make the right decisions for your specific circumstances.  PJ Hartman will work to explore all options to find workable solutions to your divorce issues.


What Kind of Cases Will a Family Law Attorney Handle?

Family law is a rather broad practice area, covering a wide range of family and marriage related issues and legal matters.  PJ Hartman is experienced in handling all types of cases that fall under the umbrella of family law, including:




Divorce settlements can run the spectrum from relatively simple and amicable to incredibly complex/high-conflict.  PJ Hartman can help sort through the emotional baggage and complex issues to help create an agreement that will allow you to move forward with the best possible scenario.



Child Support

Based on each parents’ income and earning potential, a child support settlement will have long-term implications for both you and your children.  PJ Hartman can help you reach a settlement that clearly defines each parents’ financial responsibility to their children which is in their children’s best interests.



Spousal Support/Alimony

Aside from child support, spousal support/alimony payments from one spouse to another are designed to prevent financial hardship on one spouse, and to determine an equitable amount of support for a period of time (where there is evidence of  financial “need” for one party, and the ability to pay support by the other party).



Prenuptial Agreements

People who bring substantial assets into a marriage or have children from a previous marriage often will seek ways to protect themselves in the event of a future divorce.  A Prenuptial Agreement predetermines how assets are to be divided if the marriage does not work out.



Child Custody

Often the most important and contentious element in a divorce is determining the parameters and guidelines of child custody.  Who gets custody of the children, when and which parents makes the decisions about the children are frequently where battle lines are drawn.  An experienced lawyer specializing in family law can help bring both sides together and come up with a schedule that works for all parties involved.




Experienced Family Law Attorney Albuquerque Relies On

If you are searching for a family law attorney in Albuquerque, contact the office of PJ Hartman.  You will find a dedicated divorce lawyer who will not only advocate for you, but also for your family’s best interests.  To schedule a consultation, call (505) 247-3335.

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