Fathers’ and Mens’ Divorce Rights

Protecting The Rights Of Fathers and Men In Divorces

Father’s and men’s divorce rights are just as important as the rights of women and mothers’ divorce rights. It is helpful to have an attorney who is familiar with the laws and working of the legal system to help you navigate through the process though.

While the idea that men are at a disadvantage in divorce cases is often labeled a myth or distortion, the fact is men can face unfair challenges in New Mexico family law courts. I have seen it happen. For instance, charges of domestic violence and the leveling of protective orders can put men in an unfair position when working to secure child custody and visitation rights. I usually do not work to secure protective orders for any party. Protective orders have the potential of being abused, and we discourage utilizing this method to gain advantage in a custody dispute.

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A Lawyer Who will Safeguard Your Parental Rights

Another area in which men face difficult challenges is in child custody. My response? An immediate and proactive move to get your case into court as soon as possible.

The courts believe that both parents should be involved with children whenever possible. We work to secure your child custody rights before you lose them. Once you spend less time with your kids, even by necessity during the divorce process, opposing counsel can work to claim your new absence is part of your kids’ new normal.

I also work with Ph.D. – level experts and Child Custody Evaluators when necessary to help fathers get their cases for child custody fully prepared. By showing the court that fathers are serious and interested parents, mothers will be less successful in limiting fathers’ custody rights.

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