Helping Grandparents Obtain Custody Rights


The legal area of grandparents’ rights in New Mexico has grown quickly. Are you a grandparent facing a family law issue regarding a grandchild? Do you have questions regarding child custody, adoption, visitation or guardianship law? Do you feel like you have the obligations of a grandparent or parent but none of the rights?

For 15 Years, I Have Been Protecting The Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship

I frequently work with grandparents who:

  • Are raising their grandchildren due to a death in the family, child abandonment, drug and alcohol abuse, jail, illness or crime
  • Have lost the right to visit their grandchildren following a divorce, estrangement, or other personal matter or family law matter

Without taking legal action, a grandparent generally has no legal rights regarding his or her grandchildren. However, with effective legal action, in some circumstances you may be able to obtain custody, visitation and other accommodations.

When you wish to pursue grandparents’ rights, I am ready to help. I am a solo practitioner who understands that grandparent-grandchild bonds are healthy and essential for both parties. I believe that it is usually in the child’s best interest that grandparents have a meaningful relationship with their grandchildren and regular contact with them.

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