How to Modify Child Support Agreements

Let me explain the basics to modify child support agreements:

If you are a parent, and you and your spouse or unmarried partner split up while the child was still young, chances are the child’s needs may change as he or she grows up. Your original child custody arrangement may need to change to better reflect your current situation. Modifying a child custody arrangement in New Mexico while respecting the rights and best interests of parents and children is a complicated process. With more than 15 years of experience, I can help you find a solution that works for everyone and helps parents maintain strong relationships with their children. 

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The priority of both parents and the court is the well-being of your child or children. Any move to modify child support agreements will be to benefit the children.

Let attorney PJ Hartman help you modify your child support agreement.

Courts recognize that changing a child’s routine can be a difficult adjustment for a child to make. The utmost care must be taken when considering a child’s changing best interests.

Some common grounds for seeking a modification can include:

  • Parental relocation
  • Remarriage
  • Domestic violence or child abuse
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by a parent
  • A parent’s new work schedule
  • A medical emergency affecting a parent’s ability to provide care

As a board-certified family law specialist,* I have proven skills at helping parents resolve modification disputes that keep the child’s interests as the top priority. I believe in the benefits of mediation and collaborative divorce, and can help you find solutions that work. I am ready to guide you through the legal process of modifying a custody or visitation arrangement.

Of course, if your child’s safety is in danger, I will also act quickly and aggressively to initiate proceedings in court to protect your child.

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*Certified by the New Mexico State Bar Board of Legal Specialization