Modify Support Payments In New Mexico

If you are going to modify child support payments, you will benefit from a competent attorney who is familiar with family laws in New Mexico.

When you need legal help in modifying a post-judgment decree for child or spousal support, who can ensure that your full concerns will be addressed and your rights protected? When there are changes in your life, your child’s life or the life of your former spouse, who can provide effective advocacy in the family law courts or negotiate an amicable solution with your ex-spouse? I am a board-certified family law specialist,* who has practiced family law in Albuquerque for more than 15 years. I have handled hundreds of modification cases regarding spousal and child support payments.

What Does A Lawyer Need To Do To Modify Your Support Payments?

In order to modify child support payments, attention to detail is key.

Child support and spousal support payments mostly rely on financial concerns. The grounds for modifying payments can be quite similar. My experience includes seeking and contesting modification requests resulting from a broad range of circumstances, including:

  • Move-aways/relocations
  • The loss of a job
  • Increases and decreases in income
  • Changing medical needs of a spouse or child
  • Change in custody arrangements

It can be hard to receive a modification, because you have to prove circumstances have substantially changed. Rest assured, I take a personal interest in my clients’ cases and work to provide positive change through one-on-one client-attorney service. I am ready to meet with you, discuss your concerns and goals, and prepare and present the strongest possible case in a modification hearing or in negotiations with your ex-spouse.

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*Certified by the New Mexico State Bar Board of Legal Specialization