Pre and Post-Marital Agreements

Working through pre and post-marital agreements:


At its heart, marriage is about love, sharing and commitment. It also involves the commingling of assets, and sometimes runs its course unexpectedly, resulting in the need to negotiate a parting of ways and disentangling of lives. In a world that offers few opportunities to control how the future will look, prenuptial agreements stand out. Pre and post-marital agreements can be quite helpful in ensuring that the needs of both parties are taken into consideration if parting becomes necessary.

When guided and drafted well, prenuptial agreements offer numerous practical advantages to thoughtful couples, including:

  • You can determine ahead of time how to share and divide personal and marital property, including real estate, stocks, retirement accounts, businesses and acquired income. Couples can also lay out parameters regarding the division of debt.
  • You will be able to care for loved ones by agreeing on how assets will be distributed in the event of death. When you remarry, children from a previous marriage may be cut from your estate without a will or premarital agreement.
  • You and your attorney can discuss and choose how disputes will be resolved in the event of separation. For instance, couples can legally commit to avoiding litigation in the event of divorce and opt for negotiation, mediation or collaborative law instead.
  • Pre and post-marital agreements can expedite the divorce process


A Lawyer Helping You Through Every Stage To Create A Strong Agreement

If you need legal help regarding a premarital agreement, I can help. I have drafted and reviewed several prenuptial agreements over my 15 years of family law experience, and can work knowledgeably to ensure that your agreement:

  • Will address your full legal concerns
  • Will be fully enforceable if and when it is needed

Are you already married?

  • Pre and post-marital agreements are increasingly used to address issues that arise once couples are married.

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