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Spousal Support

Divorce for both men and women can be terrifying when it comes down to spousal support.

Homeless person on a park bench

Men don’t want to think about becoming an indentured servant and women fear for their financial security and ending up living on a park bench.

Vocational evaluations and assessments are designed to help settle a fair spousal support in mediated and collaborative divorce proceedings. It is a combination of career and personal coaching that encompasses the whole person and concentrates on the entire family unit.

This type of evaluation gives hope to a divorcing woman, by allowing her to be a part of the planning for her future, including continuing education, small business start-up or job search. It also covers fears about re-entering the work force and the impact her new life may have on the rest of her family.

For some women, not having the required skill set to match today’s technology can cause a huge dip in the self-confidence meter. How could she possibly find a job to support herself? On top of that, how will going back to work or school impact the children? During vocational coaching, all of these concerns are covered, creating a safety net that keeps in line with her values. Fears are faced and ideas are generated, making it possible to concentrate on her skills and interests so that she can decide what she wants to do.

A vocational evaluation also works to allay a husband’s fears and concerns. It will incorporate his feedback as the team of lawyers, financial advisers, coaches and divorcing couple work together.

Normally, if the couples have agreed to a collaborative divorce, the husband is open to support his spouse to pursue further education or open a business. As the couple’s debts and assets become clearer or if he has suddenly taken a downgrade in pay, all of that can be discussed and incorporated into her plan.

Other needs for the husband may include a timely business plan for his wife’s new career so that he can start his new life or creating a monthly budget to meet her needs as well as his bank account.

The collaborative divorce table is meant to build trust and creative an atmosphere where the couples can mutually explore and agree on objectives. For example a wife might need to work a part time job while going to school part time. This might mean the husband’s visitation schedule will need to revolve around her schedule.

Vocational coaching benefits both spouses but giving them guidance, direction and taking away fears.

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