Women’s Divorce Lawyer

A Women’s Divorce Lawyer Who Helps Move Through Divorce & Resolve Disputes With Civility:

For many women, divorce inspires feelings of fear, as well as feelings of anxiety due to the dependency that marriage can bring. Often, husbands serve as the primary breadwinner and, consequently, are in charge of family finances. Often, our women clients state, “I know I’m doing the right thing, but I’m scared out of my mind.” I am here to help alleviate some of those fears. I understand women’s challenges and fears, so working as a Women’s Divorce Lawyer for you is second nature to me.

At the Albuquerque, New Mexico, law firm of PJ Hartman, Attorney at Law, I share your goals of:

  • Lessening dependency
  • Increasing feelings of empowerment
  • Starting a new life


Guiding You Through A Stressful Time With Lasting Solutions

I have helped hundreds of women rebuild their lives during and after divorce, and have learned, for the vast majority of our women clients, life is better after the divorce once essential legal steps are accomplished.

These steps often include:

  • Arranging for court-ordered interim support and child support during the pendency of the divorce.
  • Arranging for court-ordered spousal support/alimony. For many women and mothers, alimony is essential in order to provide for themselves and their children immediately after a divorce.
  • Arranging for court-ordered child support. Child support guidelines in New Mexico allow for little flexibility, but I will work to ensure that income levels are reported accurately so you receive your full share of income.
  • The fair division of marital property. I work with accountants and other financial specialists to identify assets, then advocate in hearings and other venues for your fair share of assets, including homes, bank accounts, pensions and retirement accounts.

I can work to help you obtain health insurance, and to otherwise obtain or retain key assets and incomes during your divorce proceedings and for years to come.


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